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Magical Vacation Planner by Jenn Lashway

About The Owner

Meet Jenn Lashway, the owner of Magical vacation planner (MVP). Jenn is a travel loving mom of a current college senior. She has been helping friends and family for years with their travel planning and decided to turn it into a paying job in 2018. She is trained with all the major cruise lines, major theme park brands and many all-inclusive resorts around the world.She loves to read and listen to music, especially while traveling. She went to college for graphic design, but decided that industry just wasn't for her. Her job history includes many years in an administrative setting, as well as almost 10 years in the accounting offices of a clothing retailer.

History Of The Business

Jenn began her business in May of 2018, so she is just past 4 years with the agency. She also started her LLC in 2020. Jenn has always loved helping others create their dream vacations, so it just made sense for her to start doing so as a full time job. She is a home-based agent currently working in upstate New York; but her and her family are moving to Summerville, SC at the end of February 2023

About The Business

She provides travel planning services from start to finish. She does all the research, booking, payments and client support all the way through the return home. She tries to do all the "heavy lifting" aspects so that her clients can simply focus on having the best time possible on their trip. Walt Disney World is Jenn's top requested destination, and cruises come in close at 2nd place. She loves having the ability to help her clients create amazing travel memories with their friends and family. which Jenn says if truly the best souvenir to bring back home! Jenn always tries to help her clients create a sense of magic in their trips, whether it's doing a big reveal or a magical moment during the vacation.

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