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McMass Media Management

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Victoria McLeod, the owner of McMass Media Management. She is a small business owner, entrepreneur, and former dancer. She graduated law school in 2018, practiced law as both a prosecutor and civil defense attorney, and entered the world of online business in 2022, when she opened an Etsy shop - TisTheOccasion - where she sells digital templates for all occasions

History Of The Business

Victoria was not happy in her corporate legal job and wanted a change. Her social media algorithm knew that she wanted to work from home and start a business, so eventually she came across social media management. She took a course on how to be a social media manager and took the leap from there. She took the course in August 2022 and launched her business later that same month. Victoria wanted to open her own business because she wanted the freedom to work on her own time and be her own boss.

About The Business

McMass Media Management provides Management of small business’s social media accounts (FB and IG) - content creation, brand development, caption writing, hashtags, stories, highlights, client support, posting to groups, monthly insights, engagement, content strategy, carousel posts. McMass Media will keep track of algorithm changes, new trends, and apply your content strategy using the latest updates, so you can focus on your full-time job!

Other Information

McMass Media Management specializes in the following:

  • Maximizing your company's following by engaging the proper audience

  • Maintaining connections in your field to grow your online presence

  • Monetizing your social media platforms to convert followers into revenue

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