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Miles of Smiles Children’s Boutique

About The Owner

Meet Kathleen (“Katie”) Bragg, the owner of Miles of Smiles Children’s Boutique. She is a former lawyer turned stay-at-home mom! She currently lives in central Iowa with her husband and 4 kids. She loves reading, watching legal & medical procedural dramas, eating good food, and spending time with her family and friends. As a child she was a gymnast and all around active girl, and she loves finding clothes for kids that they can love the look of while also being practical to a kid’s life!

History Of The Business

She first started as an independent merchandiser for DotDotSmile after her older daughter and herself fell in love with their dresses. She wanted something that shecould do from home on her time and something that she could involve her daughter in. Earlier this year DotDotSmile decided to end their direct sales model, allowing her the freedom to expand her boutique to include additional brands while staying true to the reasons why she began. She opened her business a littler over two years ago. Her business is based out of Ankeny, Iowa

About The Business

Miles of Smiles Children’s Boutique offers a wide variety of styles, both for girls and boys, though her specialty would definitely have to be twirly dresses. She has both a large on-hand, ready to ship inventory, as well as frequent pre-order opportunities for additional items for her customers. Her shopping group is more than a sales group - it’s a community of women who enjoy not only shopping for their children (or grandchildren/nieces/nephews/etc) but also sharing the daily laughs, struggles, and high points of motherhood!

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