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Mill Creek Memories

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

About The Owners

Meet Patti Bondar and Debbie Doinidis the owners of Mill Creek Memories. Patti is a retired construction project manager and was hospice volunteer before covid hit. Debbie is owner of a busy boarding and grooming shop but closed due to covid. Together they opened their small business!

History Of The Business

After retirement Patti I decided to put her spare time to good use, so she became a hospice volunteer. By that time, she had also bought a laser printer to externalize her creativity with crafty projects. She was deeply moved by everything she saw and experienced there. She couldn’t help thinking about innovative ways to console the hearts of families who were facing a loss.

About The Business

Mill Creek Memories sell leather bracelets, key chains and Christmas items at the moment, but in the near future they are planning to add teddy bears for children, matchbox music boxes, rear view window hangers and memory candles. They specialize in creating beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of our closest family members and friends with QR technology embedded in them so that we can revisit the memories we treasure the most. As a customer, you would upload your audio or video file and we convert that file to a QR code and print it on your item. Example, if you had a video of you and grandma laughing together, you could upload that to be printed on an ornament. You would view that memory every year when you put your tree up, even long after grandma is no longer here. They also sell Mitties which is an item nobody is familiar with, but is one of their most popular item that they sell. It’s a tiny disc of plastic with your memory coded on it. It is meant to be placed on pages, such as a baby book. For example, If you uploaded your baby’s first haircut for a mittie, when you received it, you put it next to the date of baby’s first haircut in your book. Then that same ‘baby’ could watch his first haircut 20 years later. This would be awesome for wedding books too. A live memory of a father daughter wedding dance when dad has passed would be a wonderful moment that could live forever.

Other Information

Their mission is to create beautiful, bespoke keepsakes in memory of loved ones who have passed away or to preserve a unique moment in time, like a wedding, a party, your child’s first steps, or anything else you hold dear with cutting-edge QR technology that allows users to watch a video or listen to the sounds that remind them of those special moments.

Contact Information

TikTok: @milesofsmilesboutique



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