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Monica Zoll Coaching

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Monica Zoll, the owner of her small business. Monica loves working with kids and seniors. She volunteers for different senior groups in her area. She also teaches children’s yoga at a number of preschools. She was a former Montessori teacher prior to having children. She has worked with kids for over 20 years Her interests include meditation, yoga, and walks with her friends. She lives in Maryland. Monica is the mother of two teenagers. She is also Caregiver to her father, who lives with her family. She was also the caregiver to her mother, who lived with her family until she passed in 2019.

History Of The Business

While raising her children, she also spent almost 10 years caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s. During this time, the person she often forgot to care for was herself. Less than a year after her mom passed away, Monica was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and apparently, she had been ignoring the signs for years. Her diagnosis came in early 2020, which was then compounded with the added complications of COVID. While she was trying to figure out how to handle all the emotions, anxiety and stress, Her old friend Julie Reisler reached out to her to join her Life Designer® certification course. Her experience with the program was physically, emotionally, and spiritually healing and came just when she needed it most.

About The Business

Monica offers coaching support for caregivers. Her most popular service is her One on me coaching, which gives her the opportunity to work individually with her clients and learn more about them and their lives, and how she can help mentor them through the hardships that they may be going through. Monica focuses her attention on the caregiver not mainly the person they are caring for. She supports the caregiver on managing their stress level, their emotions, and their overall well being.She provides coaching in Spanish and English. Monica wants everyone to know that many people think care giving is just for those caring for aging parents but it’s also caring for children, a spouse, of a friend who you might be supporting during a difficult time.

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