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Nancy Bush Agency LLC

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

About The Owner

Meet Nancy Bush, the owner of her small copy-writing agency business. Nancy’s job history includes being an elementary school teacher. She graduated from Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York. Then later went to The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York. Nancy is married and has three sons to keep her busy. Two of her sons are actually fraternal twins. In her free time she enjoys taking walks and doing yoga and watching movies in movie theaters. She loves to read, and she actually started two book clubs.

History Of The Business

Nancy opened her small business in January of 2022. She began studying copy writing at that time and then she enrolled in a supportive group of mentors. She has also become an unofficial mentor in her group for the newer copywriters. Her favorite thing about owning her business is that she gets to combine her creativity to make an income for her family. She also really loves being able to do research for her business. She loves being able to learn details about her clients’ businesses. She loves learning new things in her business.

Services Offered

Nancy offers copy writing services to financial professionals and small business owners. She writes website copies, blogs, emails and any other type of writing that falls under the ‘copy writing’ umbrella. Other types of copy that a small business may need includes: email newsletters, creation of opt-ins (eBooks, for example), email sequences, landing pages, sales pages, and case studies. Her services also involve search engine optimization meaning she finds valuable keywords to incorporate into websites and blogs so that her client’s websites rank higher in Google than they were before working with her.

Other Information

Nancy's mission with her small business is "To educate others about finances. Too many people are afraid to talk about it, afraid to work with it, afraid to make it work for them." Nancy's future plans for her business include adding email list management to her list of services offered. Email list management involves writing daily emails and sending them out via a client’s email list service provider. It takes the daily email writing completely off the to do list for her clients. I Nancy say's that she is super easy to work with. She goes with the flow and is super flexible. One of the most common compliments she receives from past clients is that she is a pleasure to work with. She goes with the flow and is flexible.

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