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North Coast Exteriors

About The Owner

Meet Tony Nuñez, the owner of North Coast Exteriors. He was born and raised in San Diego County and still lives there today. He is the youngest of 5 children. Both of his parents immigrated from a poor village in Mexico in the 1970s. His father was a hard working man who came here with not much more than the clothes on his back. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to build a great life for his family and purchase a home in one of the most beautiful

cities in America. He instilled the same hard work and family values into his children. Because of those things, Tony was able to start his own family and his own business and provide a valuable service, helping fellow homeowners and businesses to keep the city looking beautiful. Tony has a wife who runs a private practice providing

therapy to couples and individuals. Together they have 2 boys, 10 and 12. They love

football and science and Tony coaches their football teams. Tony's hobbies include golf, surfing, brazilian jiu jitsu, & rock climbing.

History Of The Business

When Tony was working as a firefighter, he had a lot of free time on his hands. His work schedule was a 48 hour shift with 4 days of rest in between. He used to spend

his days off playing at the beach or in the gym, golfing, traveling, basically

spending his money. But when he decided to have kids he wanted his wife to be able to stay home with them, at least while they were babies. One of the other firefighters that he knew bought himself a pressure washer and a truck and was doing small jobs on his days off. In 2012 he decided to join him and they became a team. Then as the years went by, their business grew. They bought commercial

equipment for bigger jobs and before long their schedule was full. It got to the point where he was turning down work to go to his job as a firefighter. He had to make a choice so he decided to quit the fire service, cash out his retirement, and run the pressure washing business full time.

About The Business

Tony opened his business North Coast Exteriors in 2018. His business is based out of San Marcos California. Tony's favorite thing about owning his business is the freedom to make his own schedule, choose his own pay, and spend time with his family and friends when he chooses. If he want to schedule a vacation or take a day off he has the flexibility and the freedom to do so!

Services Offered

North Coast Exteriors offers Roof cleaning, building/house wash, rain gutter cleaning, window cleaning, concrete/surface cleaning for residential and commercial clients. The most popular service that North Coast Exteriors offers is residential roof cleaning. They always use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that are effective, yet safe, for your pets and garden.

Future Plans For North Coast Exteriors

As North Coast Exteriors continues to grow they also continue to reinvest in the business. This year Tony plans to purchase a new truck as well as a van strictly for cleaning windows. Soon they will be building a shop where they can park their vehicles and work on them as well as store supplies and equipment. The goal is to have a vehicle operating at any point in a 24 hour period.

More Information

North Coast Exteriors is a real San Diego original. Tony was born and raised there, these are his neighbors, and he has a genuine interest in keeping the city looking its best. One thing that you will notice from all of his reviews is that he connects with his

customers on a personal level. Communication is key and it’s what he has built his business on.

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