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Phoenix Rising

About The Owner

Meet Talya Pardo, the owner of her small business called Phoenix Rising. She is 45 years old, and is the mother to two amazing girls who are 13 and 15 years old. She was a single mother for almost 7 years after her divorce until she met her soulmate 3 and a half years ago. They are getting married in November of this year. Talya was born and raised in Montreal, Canada.

She has a very close relationship to her family and loves spending all the time that she can with them.. She is Jewish and is very connected to her faith. She has a huge love for books, and considers herself to be a book worm. She is also a dog momma to her two fur babies that are a King Shepherd and a Chocolate Lab.

Job History Of The Owner

Talya first started off her career by being an elementary school librarian at a Jewish private school for 16 years. She loved receiving classes in the library, reading stories to them and helping the kids find books. Then she later went on to work as the Director of the Children's Library at the Jewish Public Library of Montreal. There she planned programs and activities for kids and founded Montreal's first ever annual author festival for teens, the MTL YA FEST, where they hosted over 20 popular authors for a full day event of author panels, music, and activities, giving teens the opportunity to meet and interact with authors they love to read.

History Of The Business

Right around the time COVID hit, Talya left her job and suffered various serious health issues that kept her from working for about a year. During that time, she tried to re-imagine what she could do with her skills to wanted to build a new career. She wanted to find something that she could do from the comfort of her her own home. After suffering for several years with chronic fatigue and having to work several long hours and sometimes 6 days a week, which took her time away from her kids.

Books would always be a big part of her life, so she decided to take some editing courses to work as a freelance editor. At the same time, she also enrolled in the Jay Shetty Coaching School and received her certification as a life coach. She was inspired to do that by the mentors that she has worked with throughout her own healing journey. She had learned so much and come so far on her path, She wanted to be able to give back to others what she had gained and benefited from.

Services Offered

Phoenix Rising offers Life coaching and mentoring, Book editing, Story coaching and very soon publishing and book marketing. Talya also runs a free feminine wisdom connection group called the Wisdom Well: Where Awakened Women Gather on Facebook. She is also the host of a show and podcast called Soul Speak (available on Youtube, Rumble and podcast platforms) where she speaks to coaches from various perspectives about healing, masculine and feminine energies and life in general.

Obstacles with Owning The Business

The first struggle that Talya faced with owning her business was getting her name out there and learning the ins and outs of the marketing side of her business. She now has learned to see that as an opportunity instead of a challenge, as she also tries to see most things. She looks for the opportunity to learn, gain new skills and connect with new people when faced with new challenges.

Future Plans For The Business

Talya is planning to launch Phoenix Rising Publishing in another month, which will encompass the editing and story coaching work that she already does. She will offer publishing, marketing and book launch services to provide a full spectrum publishing service to writers. She is already in the process and will be ready to fully launch by the end of June. There will be social media pages created and the website will be

More Information About The Business

Talya brings a very unique energy and perspective to her work, where her clients that she gets to work with make great breakthroughs and see their potential and abilities activated and energized with new purpose and motivation. Her big time goals are to grow the publishing business to be publishing 10 books per year in 5 years from now. To be helping authors with book launches and getting their books into the bookstores, as well as helping them to plan book tours.

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