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Pure Romance By Christine Gross

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

About The Owner

Meet Christine Gross, a consultant for her own business called Pure Romance. Christine was born on the western shore of Maryland, and raised on the eastern shore. She started figure skating at early age of 6, and proceeded to skate for 14 years of her life. She was on a synchronized skating team for 3 years and also competed individually. She was in the color guard of the marching band all four years while she was in high school and made color guard captain her junior and senior year. She has worked in the Residential design industry for over 15 years. Currently, she is a full-time drafting specialist doing kitchen & bath design & self-employed independent consultant for Pure Romance, which she does part-time.

History Of The Business

Patty Brisben is the founder and chairwoman of the company. Christine is part of a team within the Pure Romance company called: Decadent Dynasty. She has been in business since September 2021. Christine went to a Pure Romance party that her friend was hosting, and the consultant that was there doing the presentation did such a phenomenal job, that it intrigued her to join her team. She had hosted her own parties before and have been to a few additional parties in the past, but this particular consultant had such passionate and charisma about her job that it inspired her to want to do it and join her team.Christine runs her business out of her home which is located in Preston, Maryland.

Information About The Business

Christine started her business because she wanted to be her own boss. She loved the flexibility of creating her own hours and scheduling parties, working at your own pace and earning extra income. The biggest struggle she has faced with her business is getting her name out there and spreading the word about her business. Also, there are a lot of misconceptions about the name of her business. A lot of people instantly think: "Oh, Pure Romance, you sell sex toys," and then they get discouraged and have no interest in hearing about other products. It's almost like some people instantly put a wall up and they move on. Pure Romance has been "branching" out into producing different product lines such as our Pure21 wellness program. It's a 3-week gut cleanse program that rids your system of any toxins, inflammation, and bloating. It's a gut "reset" and who knew a company like Pure Romance would sell something like that!

Products Available

Christine sells everything from bath & beauty, massage, health & wellness, essential oils, lingerie & sleepwear, skincare line, enhancements & lubricants, and bedroom accessories! She also schedules party presentations for ladies 18+: anyone who would like to host a party, She brings her inventory that she has in stock to their own house and from there she puts on a tasteful presentation about Pure Romance products mild to wild and then the hostess has a separate private "shopping room" in the house so ladies can come in individually and shop with her in a private, confidential environment. During the presentation, she will usually play an icebreaker game and then a fun interactive game as well just to relieve any nervousness from the group. Hostesses also get free and discounted products from total party sales and can do any type of party theme they choose to make in-home parties' extra fun! She can also do online parties and online catalog parties as well! She's also always looking for ladies to join her team!

Most Popular Product

The most popular product that Christine sells, and which is also the most talked about with her small business is a Conditioning Shave Cream which a lot of women know by the name of Coochy. The shave cream has multiple benefits: it creates a thin layer of protection between the blade and your skin, softens the hair to make shaving more smooth, specially formulated to work with your razor and not clog it up, improves the razor glide and reduces friction which lead to fewer nicks and cuts, helps minimize the risk of razor burn and irritation, also doubles as a hair conditioner and one bottle easily lasts at least 3 months! A little bit goes a long way for this product! This product retails for $24.00.

Other Information

Christine truly loves how much fun and rewarding her job is! She thinks that the parties are so much fun to have, and overall, it is a fun job! You also get a lot of perks for being a consultant the more successful your business becomes: free, amazing, exotic trips paid for by corporate, extra income, job title promotions, increase in buying discount and so much more. Christine's ultimate goal would be to quit her current full-time job and just have her Pure Romance business become her full-time job! She also wants to be able to make more sales in the sense that she can keep bumping up her job title and overall, just become more successful and helping as many ladies as possible in the process!

Contact Information

Phone number: 410-490-5509

Personal email:


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