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Purely You Healing

About The Owner

Meet Jessica Ophus, the owner of Purely You Healing. Jessica is a nurse and women's wellness coach living in a small town in Montana. She earned her bachelor of science degree in nursing over 10 years ago; spending that time caring for people from their first breath, while working labor and delivery, to their last while working in a long term care facility. After realizing there was still a missing link between western medicine and true wellness, she began her holistic career. She is now a Reiki Master, Master Herbalist and Women's Wellness Coach guiding women out of burnout and away from Mom-guilt. When she isn't caring for her patients or guiding women into peace, she is building a life on the prairie with her family. She enjoys being outside, gardening, caring for her chickens, cows, cats, and dog. She is almost always listening to a podcast or audio book and loves to learn new things. Her biggest joy is watching her girls grow and learn new things and prays that the life she leads will be an example they can strive to emulate.

History Of The Business

In her last two years of nursing school, she was struggling with some health complications of her own. After she was diagnosed with Endometriosis and the western medicine approach had failed her twice, she began seeking alternative courses of treatment. Her search lead her to a physical therapist, an energy healer, and a natropathic doctor.. With their guidance, I was able to heal from my endo and learn how to use a truly holistic approach to help others heal as well. Nine years ago, it became her mission to provide the missing link between symptom management and true wellness. She started with Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing. From there, she explored Medical Intuition, Angel Card Reading, Herbalism, Essential Oils, Healing Crystals, and Women's Health Mentorship as well as Doula training. With that knowledge base and her experience as a nurse, she is able to guide women to find the purest version of themselves, so they can give their families the best of them instead of what is left of them.

About The Business

Jessica offers personal One on one wellness sessions via phone or in person, Become Purely You, a Women's Wellness Coaching Program (12 week online course with one on one coaching), Let's Talk: Anatomy, Puberty, and Periods (an online course for girls and parents to learn about the body and the way it changes during puberty-ages 7+), She has also written a book called Bonus Love for children gaining a bonus mom. Purely you healing is based out of Montana. She loves the difference this work makes in her clients lives. Having seen the change in her own first hand, she knows how great an impact it makes on every facet of the life we live. She also truly appreciates the flexibility provided with making her own schedule! Being able to help others while still being present with her family is so important to Jessica

Contact Information

Facebook/IG @purelyyouhealing



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