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Pyxis Gate LLC

About the Owner

Meet Mikel Carr, the owner of Pyxis Gate LLC. He is a submarine veteran with an MBA and is a content creator on Twitch and Instagram. He is from Lake Tapps, WA. Mikel has a love for people, but nature photography truly is his passion. He loves being out in the woods and finding new and interesting thing to photograph. Mikel joined the Navy straight out of high school, spent four years on a submarine, and realized he missed the sky, trees so he thought Washington would be the perfect place to be!

History Of The Business

Mikel opened his business about 1 month ago. He got into content creation for fun and exploration and he got into photography for his mental health. For the name of his small business he wanted something out of this world and Pyxis is a constellation. It also sounds like pixie's gate. Mikel has the idea to open his own business because he was wanting extra spending money to travel the world to enjoy what he does.

About The Business

Pyxis Gate LLC offers Photography and Videography services. His most popular services that he currently offers is small business commercial photography.Mikel has a very unique perspective being a veteran with autism and also being an artist. If you are looking for a unique photo shoot experience, or something out in nature, book a session with him!

More Information About The Business

Mikel currently is running a kick starter for his business to get it up and coming! There a lot of expenses behind starting your own business and he is in the beginning stages of getting his business up and running! His goal is raise $10,000 to get his business started. Anyone that helps him raise money for his business will receive high quality prints for the help! All the details for this can be found down below!

Contact Information

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Mikel Carr (Reckless Thor)
Mikel Carr (Reckless Thor)
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