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Refined, LLC

About The Owner

Meet Kenyce Wescott, the owner of Refined, LLC. Kenyce job history includes working in the medical field which she has done for over a decade. She has certifications as a Surgical Technologist, Ophthalmic Technician, Aromatherapy & Naturopathy. Kenyce is a Wife & Mother. She is very family oriented and was raised in lower Sussex County Delaware and currently reside in Kent County De. In her free time Kenyce enjoys creating Naturopathy and Aromatherapy Remedies, Traveling & Event planning.

History Of The Business

Kenyce's story behind opening her business is pretty unique. She was struggling with finding some remedies for her son's skin disease. All the products that she found caused severe side effect, and all the products that were prescribed for him were very expensive with all the refills that she has to get for him. The cost of these medications made it really hard to make ends meet. She started looking into natural remedies that target those needs and found that beeswax is a great natural remedy for the skin. With doing more research she also found that Botanicals and or Herbs are another great remedy for skin conditions and so much more. She found that both of these natural remedies have been used from centuries ago and was the only outcome we had before pharmaceuticals were thought of. This approach caused less side affects & issues that still provided the same outcome of medications that are used today.She knew that this was something that she wanted to use for her family and the people in her life. She was able to come up with multiple different remedies and products with all the research that she did during this time.

About The Business

Kenyce has been in business for over a year and has been growing ever since! Her favorite thing about owning her own business is that her products are her own creations and she is always trying to find better ways of refining & focusing on her customers specific needs. Her business is based out of Kent County Delaware, but she can ship her products to you!

Products Offered

Refined, LLC offers all Natural Handcrafted and Organic Botanical remedies using Organic Beeswax for your Skincare, Hair care, Personal and Aromatherapy Needs customized specifically for you. The most popular products offered from this small business are their Aromatherapy Car Freshener Diffusers, Lip Balm Sets ,Women's & Men's Perfume/Cologne Oils & Sprays and Bath Melts aka Bath Bombs.

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