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Rise Coaching Services

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

About The Owner

Meet Janine Gale, the owner of her small business Rise Coaching Services. Janine's background begins on Long Island, New York, growing up with her mom and dad in suburbia. She lived a happy life in a solid family until her dad unexpectedly passed away during surgery. She attended Boston University for undergraduate work, studying mass communications with a concentration in advertising. Originally, she had thought that she would do anything but follow in her parents' footsteps, with her dad as a school counselor and her mom as a teacher. However, she did happen to have a liberal arts concentration in psychology which she eventually used professionally over time. Following her intuition and the sunshine, she then moved to California in 2001, and then ended up enrolling in a Master's program in Educational Counseling through National University. She later built two school counseling programs at two different kindergarten through eighth grade schools. After 19 years as a school counselor, she wanted to work more closely with children and their families on a smaller, more manageable scale where her work would have more of an impact and suit her own personality better. Janine is currently a coach for children and their families and will be certified by the International Coaching Federation. She has a 12 year old daughter who she gets to learn from everyday. In her free time she enjoys yoga, traveling, breath work, running, hiking, relaxing, self-care and spending time with her loved ones.

History OF The Business

After Janine spent 19 years working as a School Counselor. She decided that she wanted to work more intimately with children and their families. She heard about a life coaching class that was beginning shortly and immediately signed up. The start of her business began while she was finishing up that class. As a school counselor, she had over 1200 students. Now her workload is more manageable and children and their families are seeing results, which is so rewarding to her.

About The Business

Rise Coach Services is based out of Carlsbad, California. Her office is in her home, but also offers video conferencing sessions for her clients that live further away.

Services Offered

Rise Coach Services provides coaching services to students and their families. They collectively address topics such as self-regulation, confidence, communication, future planning, handling family change, grief/loss, handling worries, etc.

Perks & Obstacles About Owning The Business

Janine loves bringing her experience working at various schools in her work with her clients. She loves collaborating with their schools to help her clients be the most successful they can be. The biggest struggle with owning her own business was taking the leap to begin. She was able to RISE up to begin this new for herself chapter. Now that she am up and running, she is grateful that she has the opportunity to work out of the comfort of her own home, which seems to be more comfortable for her clients, as well. It's truly a win-win situation.

More Information About The Business

To continue to grow her business Janine plans to run groups within the next few months. She is planning to run a Handling Family Change group and Self-Regulation groups for children shortly. She would love to expand her business down the road to support more families. She has many dreams for her business, but for now she is focusing on one family at a time.

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