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Rock Steady Bookkeeping

About The Owner

Meet Laura Prater, the owner of Rock Steady Bookkeeping.Laure is a mother of three. all of her children are adult aged. Laura is a very family oriented person. She enjoys spending time with and serving her family. She also really enjoys traveling and wellness. She loves spending time outdoors, just as long as it's not too cold outside. She is from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. In her employment history she always worked with small business owners. She brought her skills and experience to organizations and departments to streamline processes and gain efficiency.

History Of The Business

Laura opened her business back in June 2020.She first got started when she noticed there was a need for bridging a gap between an entrepreneur who is an expert in their field and the language of finance. She realized there's so much information available but sometimes it gets overwhelming. Laura has always found herself good at breaking concepts down into an easy-to-follow sequence that gets people the information they need. She realized because of her experience she could serve more than one business. She enjoys working one on one with owners to help them through finding solutions to help them organize their businesses and guide them in reaching their goals.

About The Business

Rock Steady Bookkeeping offers profit strategy and bookkeeping services. Laura's most popular service that she small business provides is profit strategy. Laura takes a holistic approach to helping her clients. She helps them consider their lifestyle when working towards achieving their goals. Laura's favorite thing about owning her business is that she gets to empower business owners, which really means a lot to her. She truly values and is super appreciative of the fact that she gets to serve clients from all walks of life.

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