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Simply Blessed. Oil Obsessed.

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

About The Owner

Meet Meg Vos, the owner of her small business Simply Blessed. Oil Obsessed. Meg, her husband Bryan, and their dog Riley are from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Together they serve faithfully at Frontline Bible Church on the worship arts team, and in other various roles in their church. Bryan is also a huge fan of doTERRA products and uses them daily. They enjoy traveling, pretending to be foodies, and watching football together! Megan's hobbies include music, photography, and cooking. She has specific training in psychoaromatherapy, emotional balance, and gut health.

History Of The Business

Megan started her journey to begin her small business 6 years ago just being a user of doTERRA oils. She was able to slowly get off 13 medications, and transform her body with these products. This lead to a passion to share them with others. For the last 4 years she has been helping people on their individual health journey's by providing meaningful, and simple education about these holistic tools. Megan wanted to start her business because she had a passion for sharing how effective, safe and AMAZING the products are for people. She wants people to have the same freedom that she found for their own health journey.

About The Business

Not only does Megan offer amazing products for her customers to buy but she also provides education about them as well. Education is the key to understanding medical grade oils and supplementation. She helps people throughout their health journey almost as a holistic prescriber. She helps people find the exact tools for them that will help with their health needs whether its proactive, preventative health or reactive for specific health issues they are facing. She does use only doTERRA oils and supplements as she has found them to be the best.

Other Information

Meg loves educating and working with people. She is a people person, so she has a great time educating her clients and also finding solutions to their health needs. Megan is driven by education, not by selling. Nobody feels like they are in a sales pitch when they work with her.. Many people are education on oils, but she has specific training in several areas that helps her be almost a holistic prescriber in a way. Megan wants me to mention the importance of registering for the free online classes so you can get the education. Its all free. No strings attached. You will even get free class samples to use while learning hands on during the class. She wants people to know that she is a super down to earth, real person who you can truly feel comfortable with

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