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Sixth Borough Creations

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

About The Owners

Meet Tyler & Jane Bowman, the owners of Sixth Borough Creations. They grew up in the same town but always went to different schools. They both come from firefighting families so they met at the firehouse when they were in high school but didn't start dating until their college years. Jane was studying to be a teacher and Tyler was testing to become a career firefighter. They got engaged in 2018 and married in October of 2020. They have always loved to travel and to be creative, crafting, scrap booking, etc and they both definitely have a "go do it" spirit! They love to work on projects together, so a lot of their time at home is spent doing things together. They love a good adventure and will frequently spend time exploring a new neighborhood, trying new restaurants, or just walking along the river.

History Of The Business

From the time that Tyler and Jane were dating, they were always working on craft projects together. At the firehouse, Tyler began taking on the apparel orders for the members and found himself enjoying it. They decided to merge the two together and opened up Sixth Borough Creations during the Summer of 2020. They first started their business small with just some t-shirt orders and party supplies for family functions but have since partnered with some local businesses to provide them with shirts for their employees, athletic clubs & teams, events that they are hosting, etc. as well as reusable shopping bags & product labels.

About The Business

Sixth Borough Creations is based out of their home in Jersey City, New Jersey. Their business focuses on customization. From apparel to gifts and branded supplies/uniforms for small businesses, they work directly with each and every client to create a completely unique item for personal or company use. Their most popular services are their apparel orders for local clubs and sports teams. T-shirts are their bread and butter and make up the core of their small business.

Perks & Obstacles About Owning Their Business

Tyler and Jane's favorite thing about owning their business is the freedom and flexibility to work their business around both of their careers, which has been such a blessing for them. Tyler has been able to work the business around his firefighting schedule which is shift work, allowing him to have a second job without having to leave their home. The biggest struggle they have had is getting the business name out there efficiently as so much has changed from the pandemic. That and the rising costs of materials and equipment that has spiraled since the pandemic has been a struggle and keeping their prices down to best serve their clients who are also experiencing financial difficulties associated with rising costs.

Future Plans For The Business

In the near future, Sixth Borough Creations are working to expand their business and purchase secondary equipment so that they can both be working on machines at the same time. They are also looking to expand into making custom hats and mugs. A huge goal of theirs would be to expand into embroidery as well as screen printing. In order for this to happen they would need more workspace than what they currently have right now as well as the funds to purchase the equipment and software.

More Information About The Business

Their business is family owned and operated by Tyler and Jane, they do everything with their business solely by themselves. They take immense pride in the satisfaction of their customers and including them in the design process from start to finish. As an educator and a firefighter, they are service-oriented people, which really carries over to their business. They are looking forward to working with new customers and fostering relationships with individuals and small businesses who are just starting out just as they are!

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