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Spirit Essence by Tara Diana

About The Owner

Meet Tara Diana Nagy, the owner of Spirit Essence. Tara Diana is a Medium / Channel for Spirit in all forms. Her ability to connect with Spirit and bring loved ones, guides, helpers, elders and other spiritual beings through has been with her for as long as she can remember. Tara's connection to Spirit has become stronger over the years allowing for her to leave her daily job and focus solely on the metaphysical aspect of her work full time in a professional manner since the early 2000's. Reading, hiking, and nature itself are just a few of Tara's passions when she is not working with her clients either 1:1 or in group settings but it is her true love of animals that inspires her to do more! There is no doubt that Tara will open a dog sanctuary in the next few years and there she will continue to do her Spiritual work! Tara has been happily married for 22 years and has two amazing adult children, three dogs and a cat that lives in her bathroom.

History Of The Business

Tara has been working professionally for 22 years now, and has been a full time Medium for 18 years. Tara has always been interested in the Spiritual world. From the time she was very young she felt the empath in her and it hindered her in so many ways! It wasn't until her and her husband lost a child during her second trimester that she really found her calling with her discovery of a Spiritualist Church in Burnaby. It was then that she realized who she was and what she could accomplish to benefit others as well as heal herself. She sat in healing circles, intuitive development circles for a year or so before she realized that this was natural for her. From there she just continued to grow, and to help others grow.

About The Business

Tara's business is based In Burnaby, British Columbia Canada, but she has clients all over the world. She provides sessions based on those seeking closure with loved ones that have crossed over, guidance with regards to the past, present and future. Her signature work comes from Resetting and Realigning You! Body - Mind - Spirit. She also facilitate courses, seminars and workshops on Spiritual Development. She is currently in the process of having her Intention Essential Oils, Candles and Goddess Boxes finished to be put online and sold in stores.

Services Offered

Mediumship Readings: Connecting to those on the Other Side, whether they may a loved one, guide or teacher. Providing proof of the connection and any messages that are meant to be given. In-person or via Zoom.

Oracle Card Readings: Connecting to Spirit through to visualization used in card readings, providing you with what you need to know at this time. Various forms of laying of the cards are available upon request. In-Person or Via Zoom.

Past Life Discovery: Working with Spirit to retrieve memories of lives past lived and any energy that has traveled with the individual into this life that may explain energy anomalies etc. in this life.

Private Development: These sessions are based on the areas that the individual chooses and can be one or more sessions depending on what is trying to be achieved.

Group Readings: Demonstrations of Mediumship in a group environment. Each reading may range from 7-10 minutes and there can be no guarantees everyone will receive a message.

Private Parties: Private readings in a home or other surroundings with a group of individuals as per the hosts choice. Minimum of 4 people

House Clearings & Blessings: On-site Energy Clearings to remove negative and stagnant energy within a home or property. Includes clearing the energy of the willing individuals associated with the house or property as well. Blessings are placed around the home welcoming positive and enlightened energy for the highest and best of everyone participating..

Aura Clearing and Cleansing: Focused on Centering and Balancing the 7 Major Chakra Points using essential oils and crystals to heighten everyone’s vibration.

Energy Healing: Trained in the Tera Mei Seichem form of Energy Healing, Tara will work as a conduit for Spirit to help you achieve balance both Body, Mind and Spirit.

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