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Stickin’ it to You Vinyl Designs

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back!! In today's post we are taking a closer look at Stickin’ it to You Vinyl Designs. I found this small business on Instagram, which is where I find most of them. This small businesses specializes in all things personalized, such as cups, shirts, tote bags and so much more. Pretty much anything you can think of she will customize it. I found this shop a few months ago and thought it would be perfect for some gifts for my bridal party for my wedding that just passed.

Stickin’ it to You Vinyl Designs was nice enough to send me over two customized items for my bridal party. The first item are these adorable clear makeup pouches. She customized these with all the girl's names on them, and even included one for me which was a really nice surprise. These were such a hit with my gals, these were gifts I included during my bridal weekend. They ended up using these on the day of the wedding too! They were the perfect size and could hold a lot of items, and this is something that they definitely end up using in the future too which is what I was a fan of. The bags for the girls had a white trim and gold vinyl for their names, and mine was rose gold trimmed with white vinyl. I really like how mine was opposite of theirs too. This was such a super cute gift for them and they really enjoyed them too!

The next item she sent over was these adorable customized key-chains. My color theme for my wedding was Navy, Pink and Gold and I really love how she did one in each of the colors. I really thought that was a cute touch. I ended up using these on the zippers of their makeup bags and it looked so perfect. They are super simple but really cute! I love how each of the key chains also has a tassel on them too. It just added the perfect finishing touch to complete the look of them. I really love how these items turned out and so did my girls! They were the perfect gifts and something that they can hold on to for a while and continue to use! I want to give a big thank you to Stickin’ it to You Vinyl Designs for sending me over these items! I wish you and your business all the continued success and hope we can work together again in the future!

Check out the business here:


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