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Sweet Clementine Photography

About The Owner

Meet Lena Tremontana, the owner of her small business called Sweet Clementine Photography. Lena is located in the small town in Alabama called Prattville. Her small town has limited options for food, music and entertainment, so she enjoys traveling to new places. Some of Lena's favorite things in life include; Coffee, Disney, Taylor Swift and Jesus. Her job history includes the following: : Walt Disney world attractions 2018-2019 Film Industry 2017-18 universal 2016-2017 Walgreens pharmacy tech 2019- 2021. Lena also went to school for film and earned her associates agree. When Lena is not busy running her own photography business or planning her next Disney trip she is busy being a full time Mom

History Of The Business

Lena's husband was deployed in 2020 shortly after their wedding. At this time she was unsure with what she wanted to do with herself to help keep her busy and help make the time go by faster from missing her husband. She eventually decided she wanted to take her hobby of photography and turn it into her full time business. She risked it all by taking a leap of faith and leaving her full time career at Walgreens as a pharmacy tech and started her business.

More About The Business

Lena went into business in 2020 but rebranded after a sabbatical for back surgery and after having her daughter. After a move to Prattville Alabama from Savannah Georgia she then decided it was time to restart her business. Lena has a big passion for the art of photography. She says "There’s nothing like the rush of having the camera in your hands and the anticipation for the session to come." Sweet Clementine Photography is actually name after Lena's daughter.

Services Offered

Sweet Clementine Photography specialize in weddings, elopement’s engagements and couples photography. Her mission is to document every moment of your special day through her photos and to make sure that the happiest day of your life is as special as possible. Sweet Clementine Photography is located in Prattville Alabama, but Lena loves to travel! She is available for photography sessions both locally and for destination events. Additional travel fees may apply for sessions outside our local area. Her most popular service that she offers is her wedding day coverage.

Future Plans For Sweet Clementine Photography

Lena is hoping to become a preferred vendor for a few local wedding venues in the next year. This would be a big opportunity for Lena and for her business to have the potential of earning new clients and helping her business name really get her name out there for others to be able to discover her business. She is also hoping to become less of small business by growing and being able to branch out more to other states.

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