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Tampa Bay Poo Patrol

About The Owners

Meet Kristopher and Leigh Nickens, the owners of Tampa Bay Poo Patrol. Kris and Leigh are small business owners that have taken their significant experience working in marketing and sales for Fortune 500 companies and developed a successful small business helping the pet owners in Tampa Bay. Kris and Leigh enjoy spending time with their dogs (Eloise and Walter) and traveling the world on adventures. Leigh still works full time for a pharmaceutical company, so when she is not working, she relaxes with the dogs and loves to read. Kris enjoys golf and spends his downtime dreaming up new ideas to continue the success of TBPP.

History Of The Business

Kris and Leigh started Tampa Bay

Poo Patrol in 2021 as a service offering pet waste removal to local pet families and commercial properties. They have been in business for two years currently. They used this service for 7 years while living in PA and working full time jobs that required significant travel. This service impacted their lives for the

better and when moving back to Tampa, they the decision to start offering the same services to the dog owners of Tampa Bay.

Information About The Business

Kris and Leigh love their dogs and consider them part of their family, but they understand that most people don’t love the poop scooping part of having a dog. When they were living in PA, it was a chore that neither of us them had interest in doing after working all day, so they found a service to do that job for them. As they planned to move back to Tampa, the idea to start a similar business was set in motion and then they started planning for their small business. Now that Tampa has been named the “best city for dogs” in the US, the timing was perfect to bring this service to local pet owners.

Services Offered

1. Provide you with a waste free yard at any frequency.

2. Weekly | Twice a Week | Bi-Weekly | One Time Only

3. Special Occasion Cleanings (parties, weddings, holidays, events)

Additional Services Offered

  • To Clean Front Yard: $5.00 Per Visit.

  • If Your Yard Is Oversized Please Call For A Quote.

  • Yard Deodorize/Sanitize starting at $15

Other Information

Not only does Tampa Bay Poo Patrol offer services for your home, but they also offer services for commercial properties such as parks, dog parks, school and much more. Tampa Bay Poo Patrol is a professional pet waste cleanup and removal service.

Tampa Bay Poo Patrol takes pet health and environmental safety very seriously. They notify their clients if they see a change in their pets’ waste,

check all gates (even if they didn’t use that entrance) and use only

environmentally friendly products. Pet waste is NOT fertilizer. It should not

be left in on the ground indefinitely.

Contact Information


Phone Number: (813) 485-6740



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