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The Dream Ranch

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

About The Owners

The owners are a total of 6 families who are part of this LLC (4 Ponds Farm &

Ranch LLC Aka The Dream Ranch). They were very close friends from childhood, and had the same thoughts and good understanding

between each other. When this vision originally began Sri and her husband Naveen had, one major thought that came to their minds was that starting this alone would be tough to manage alone, both financially and also support in all aspects. That’s when they thought of collaborating, with their childhood friends to create their LLC.

The Story Behind The Name

When they all started thinking about the name for our venue, one thing that they

were all in agreement with is that anyone in this world wants to have a dream wedding in which they have dreamed of a beautiful one. Then they thought, why don’t they name it which either includes the word ‘Dream’ or a synonym for dream. However, the seller from whom they bought the property from, has placed iron carvings named as “El Sueno” which means “The Dream” across the property in so many places. That’s when they decided to call it “The Dream Ranch” as it matches their thought and also the carvings so they didn't have to replace them as they are very artistically made too.

History Of The Business

After Sri worked in the IT industry for a long time it became monotonous and she couldn't enjoy the work anymore that she was doing so thought of doing something outside of IT which she would like and could continue for the rest of her and her husband lives. As that thought came up they started analyzing themselves on what they are good

at and what they enjoy doing the most. In that process they started exploring

different areas and this is where they landed.

Together they purchased the property on December 29, 2022, and from that moment on wards they started renovating it to turn into an event venue.

Perks & Obstacles About Owning Their Business

Their favorite thing about owning their business has been learning a lot of

things, processes, and technology. They all love learning new stuff and that's been such a new thing for all of them since this is a whole new industry for all of them. The biggest obstacle has been taking up a big responsibility and making sure that they do justice to what they own.

About The Business

The Dream Ranch considers every event as their own event and ensures that everything goes smoothly to the client/host by going above and beyond venue responsibilities. At the end of the day they are equally happy as their clients. They have the beautiful property which meets their vision as it has a lot of potential which if planned and implemented correctly can turn into a never before and ever after place.The Dream Ranch is located in Wolfe city, TX in close proximity of Dallas/Fortworth.

Amenities Offered

(Included at Every Event


  • Dedicated venue staff member on event day.

  • Tables and chairs can be set up per the seating plan.

  • Cleaning staff member/ available up on request during the event, at an additional price.

  • Cleanup of venue post events is included


  • High speed reliable internet access

  • High quality A/V equipment

  • Adequate lighting both indoor and outdoor

  • Adequate indoor/outdoor space to display signage


  • 30 count – 60in Round Tables. Each table seats 6-8 guests.

  • Gold chiavari chairs with white cushions available for up to 200 guests.

  • 20 count – 6ft length rectangle tables available for food serving area

  • Industrial grade movable stage of 12×24 size. Stage skirt and stage covers included.

  • Bar table setup available


  • Conveniently accessible restrooms. ADA compatible.

  • Separate room for food storage prior to set up.

  • Separate dressing rooms for Ladies and Gentlemen.

Most Popular Service

The main service they offer is an “Event Center” where they rent it out for different kinds of events, be it a wedding, reception, a birthday party, baby shower, or any kind of big or small celebration. The Event Center comes with an exterior barn look, couple of dressing rooms, kitchen, couple of patios for dining or celebration and contains a big hall or interior space

huge enough to accommodate 250 guest count. The beautiful part of it is, it’s located in a 36 acre countryside property with lots of outdoor space, green area and with many beautiful “viewpoints” within the property to celebrate and customize your event.

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