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The Guest Box

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to my blog! In today's post we are going to be taking a closer look at a small business called The Guest Box.

About The Owner

Meet Michelle Bradley the owner of The Guest Box. She has a Bachelor of Science in Organization Leadership and minor in Psychology. In addition to running her own small business Michelle also works a full time job. She lives in New London, Pennsylvania and that is where is small business is based from as well.

History Of The Business

Michelle opened her business back in 2019.

When she was married 26

years ago, she made sure all of her wedding guests would have everything they need in case of an emergency during their big day. So, that’s why she decided to take her past familiarity and bring it to light. She originally started her business in a room in her home and now she has a small building on site of where she completes all of her online orders from. She ships to all 50 states and currently and has a list of Wedding Planners that purchase from her directly.

About The Business

Preparing for a special event can be stressful. No matter how much preparing you do, the unexpected can happened, and venues might not have what their guest need on hand. The items she sells in her store will go a long way in making sure guests are looking and feeling their best during weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, showers, barmistma, or any special event. The items within these baskets or bags will cover many mini emergencies.

Products Sold By The Guest Box

Michelle sells a huge array of different gift baskets in her small business such as Restroom Amenity baskets, and favor amenity bags. She has a big assortment of gift baskets for all sorts of events. There is truly something for everyone in her shop.

Michelle's father passed away in 2014 from cancer and went through many chemo sessions of which made him extremely cold for weeks following chemo. Her

father’s strength, determination and “can do attitude” is what inspired her to

make Chemo Blankets for cancer patients. She has been making blankets for many

cancer patients throughout the United States since her father passed. A Percentage of profits from her store will help fund her chemo blankets that she makes for cancer patients. When her father passed her family inherited his 1996 Dodge Truck. It needs a lot of work and hopefully, one day her dream is to have his truck restored and make it her own and unique to allow her to deliver the chemo blankets to patients.

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