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The Productivity Impact LLC

About The Owner

Meet Karalee Gault, the owner of her small business The Productivity Impact LLC. Karalee is a passionate and creative systems and productivity strategist who focuses on helping neurodivergent entrepreneurs reduce the mental strain of managing their day-to-day operations. Karalee is an introvert so she loves staying home. She is a mom of 2 kids, that she also home schools. She is married and will be celebrating her 10 year wedding anniversary this year. She enjoys reading fantasy and romance novels, playing games with her family and friends, planning parties, listening to music, and researching.

History Of The Business

Karalee first started out as a virtual assistant business that scaled to a small agency in 3 short months! She didn’t have the systems to scale however and the bottom fell out. She took a pause from her business and got the systems in place. At that point, she had already moved into the mentorship space and 95% of her clients had ADHD. She transformed her entire business to support ADHD entrepreneurs and beyond.

Information About The Business

Karalee's business is based out of Ohio, however she has the flexibility to work with clients all over the world. She provides mentorship to neurodivergent entrepreneurs focused on learning to work with their brain to implement systems, make a plan and actually take action on the plan with accountability. This is in the form of a group mentorship program and a 1:1 capacity.

Most Popular Service

Karalee's most popular service that she offers with her small business is her Hyperfocus Treehouse which is her group mentorship program. The Treehouse conveniently comes with 3 different levels. The investment ranges from $49 a month to $300 a month. This makes it flexible to fit any budget, there are a ton of different options to pick which best suits you and your lifestyle.

Perks and Obstacles With Owning Her Business

Karalee's favorite thing about owning her very own small business is that she gets to be her own boss and be creative with everything that she does for her business. There are no rules or boundaries with owning her business and she really enjoys that. The hardest part for her has been taking on all the tasks of being a small business owner. Learning all the things with being her own business owner has been quite a journey for her.

Future Plans For Her Business

Karalee's big time goals is to have an inner circle program with support coaches, retreats, and loads of accountability. To have these programs be the BFF to any other business programs. Her goal is to support as many neurodivergent entrepreneurs to make their dreams of entrepreneurship become true by harnessing their creativity, getting their systems in place, and taking action.

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