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There and Back Again 

About The Owners

Meet Stephanie Samson and Wayne Samson, the owners of There and Back Again. This husband and wife duo love traveling and work on their business together! Stephanie runs the business but Wayne offers support and helps with numerous aspects. Stephanie has studied through multiple courses through the travel institute, travel academy, travel university and many specialization courses. She is certified in numerous destinations as well as destination weddings, honeymoons and all inclusive experiences. Stephanie and Wayne have four daughters, 6,6,8 and 2 months! They are a blended family. Together as a family they really like to travel. It's really important for them to show their kids the world and experience different cultures.

History Of The Business

Stephanie and Wayne opened their LLC in August of 2022 but started studying to be a travel agent when she returned from she first trip in February of 2022. For their first anniversary they traveled to the Dominican Republic and Stephanie fell in love with traveling! She enjoyed meeting the people and talking to them about their country and trying new foods and just really exploring new areas. Within 5 months they had gone on two more international trips! She opened her business because she felt a calling to travel and felt that she could really do an awesome job of helping other people too!

About The Business

Stephanie puts together vacation packages of all types for people from all over the world! The types of vacations can be all inclusive, cultural travel, eco travel, cruises, multi generation and so much more. She specialize in honeymoons and also family vacations. She provides all of her clients with a detailed outline before their trip. She wants them to know a little about the history of the area they are going and what are some local foods and sights they should really check out.

Perks & Obstacles About Owning Their Business

Stephanie loves that shes gets really excited to work with her clients. She loves when her clients asks her for a recommendation or suggestions on travel plans, she loves being able to make their vision come to life with a dream vacation. The biggest struggle with owning the business for her has been knowing that everything is her responsibility and that she really has to push hard to get everything right and get your name out there.

Future Plans For The Business

Stephanie plans on keeping up with educating herself and studying about different locations, cultures and types of experiences. She want to go on more trips as well so that she can provide the best insight to her future clients!

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