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Till the Dawn Photo Co.

About The Owner

Meet Mekala Stiek, the owner of her small business called Till the Dawn Photo Co. She grew up in a tiny farming community in the middle of Oklahoma where she graduated with her class which was less than forty students. It was expected of her to go to college and start a career right after high school, so that's exactly what she did. She worked a full time job while working on her bachelor's degree and eventually became a teacher after her graduation. During these years, she ran her business part time and tried her hardest to convince herself that she was meant to be a teacher, but really the truth for her was that she was meant to be behind a camera! Mekala is married to her very best friend Tucker since March 2022. Together they have a baby boy named Oakley who is almost 8 months old. In her free time away from being a busy mom and running her business she enjoys traveling, hiking and loves trying out new restaurants and cooking meals at home for her family.

History Of The Business

After Mekala has her son in 2022 and feeling like she couldn't afford daycare on her teaching salary, that gave her the confidence that she truly needed to leave her teaching career behind and pursue her business full time. It has by far been the best decision she have ever made for both her and her family. She started her business as a part time side hustle when she was in college. She wanted to have the opportunity to work for herself and wanted to choose her own schedule. She knew that she wanted to start her own business and she had always had a passion for taking pictures and the art of photography. So, one day she went to Target and spent every dime that she had on a starter DSLR camera and the rest is history. She spent all her time watching Youtube videos, and researching everything that she could find online.

About The Business

Mekala started her business in 2018. Her business is based out of Tulsa, OK area but she does travel nationwide for her clients. With her business she offers Wedding, Elopement, Couples and Portrait Photography.

Perks And Obstacles With Owning Her Business

Mekala's favorite thing about owning her business is that she is able to keep her son at home with her and her husband, they don't have a need for daycare which is so amazing. As a family they travel as much as they want and get the perk of making their own work hours. The biggest obstacle with being a business owner has been the uncertainty it brings. Some months are super busy and profitable while others are slow and worrisome. This has been a big adjustment for Mekala, but she finds it to be super rewarding and truly worth all the struggles.

Future Plans For The Business

Mekala just released her new website and re-brand recently, which includes new logos and t-shirt designs! The grand reveal has featured a giveaway of one t-shirt, a $25 Amazon gift card and a free mini session ($150 value). Her goal with her small business is to continue building her following, perfecting her craft and maybe build an associate team someday!

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