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Timages Photography

About The Owner

Meet Tim Beiber, the owner of Timages Photography. He is from the Ohio Valley area where Ohio meets with Pennsylvania and the West Virginia panhandle.Tim and his wife will be celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary this year in August They have been together for 13 years. They met at Tim's first job and have been nearly inseparable ever since. Tim has a stepson Blake(14), daughter Shannon(8), and youngest son Brayden (almost 2). He used to do martial arts when he was younger and did tae kwon do,kung fu, and MMA.He also enjoys anything outdoors(hunting, fishing, camping, hiking). He also loves shooting and has his concealed carry permit. He loves Coffee and movies, and loves taking photos of anything and everything that he can.

Tim's Job History/School History

Tim's first job was working at a gas station/café a mile from his home, which is also where he met him wife. From there he got a job doing various things in a factory and left that due to several major accidents that kept happening there. Then he was a cook at a diner and nursing home. He worked sales for Advance Auto Parts. He also had another warehouse/factory job for Rue21. Then he got a job inspecting piping and valves at one of the local oil and gas refineries. He did that for about a year

and a half until his wife had a miscarriage. He wasn’t able to miss the day for her at the DR and that didn’t sit with with him and he quit that jo shortly after. After that, he started at Walmart Distribution and really had a rough time with that. Him and his wife ended up getting a

opportunity to buy and run the gas station that they met at!

They were really excited and had one of her family friends help them along the way, and it went really well. They knew everybody that would come in. Unfortunately this was short lived once they found out the previous owner never paid or kept up with any of the vendors, licenses, or government agencies(IRS, workers comp, fire marshal, EPA, Liquor control, ect). And not only that, his wife’s family “friend” that was “helping”them was embezzling money from the business.After that he went back to work at a different gas and oil refinery and then finally the portrait company. Tim went to Harrison Hills City Schools and graduated from Cadiz, Ohio in 2009. He also went to the local vocational school for welding.

History Of Starting His Business

Tim has worked doing several different kinds of jobs from sales, cooking, customer

service, and oil refinery work and has even played guitar in metal bands, but he really struggled with finding what he really wanted to make his career. He got his first camera the day before his daughter was born, which was almost 9 years ago. He really wanted to be able to have something to look back on with her growing up. He used his camera a little here and there for birthdays, holidays, and other family functions. Then he had someone ask him if he did family pictures since they wanted pictures of their kids taken. He made $20 and started thinking about doing that for some extra money. Then he got hooked on photography.

Then Tim started learning anything that he could and ended up getting a job doing portraits for dance studios and high school band students. He was able to enjoy that for only a month, until Covid hit and all the schools shut down. Having to stop something he really loved so abruptly really made Tim want to keep pushing through and continue to do photography. He started practicing product photos on his kitchen table from home and started getting some small jobs from that. Then he got booked to do a wedding for a friend from school. Weddings weren't something Tim even thought about doing at that time, However he ended up really liking the variety a wedding day offers. He really fell in love with it and started trying to get second shooter jobs to learn more under someone. The job he ended up getting with the other photographer was great experience for Tim, he ended up doing 8 weddings with him that year. Then shortly after that he worked with a total of 10 other photographers and was able to build his portfolio up to 25 weddings the year after.He also started doing corporate head shots, business branding, more product photography and senior and family portraits.

About The Business

Tim has been into photography the last 9 years but has really taken it seriously about 5 years now, with his own business. Tim offers weddings, family portraits, any other kind of portraits really, head shots and branding,

product and lifestyle sessions. Tim's favorite is wedding photography. He loves the variety of different shots you can get for a wedding. You get some action/event style coverage mixed with candid and detail shots for

everyone getting dressed and ready , And then the awesome bride and groom portrait session sand photos of all the special dances.

More Information

Tim ends up end up doing more product/lifestyle and weddings. He would really like to get more into portraits, especially creative studio portraits. He is going to start scheduling specialized portrait and mini sessions through the year. He wants to do stranger sessions for valentine’s day, kids/family minis for Easter, back to school for summer/fall, Halloween costume sessions for fall, and Christmas minis. He has also made a bucket list of sessions that he has always wanted to do on his site. I thought that would help show people that. His hopes for that it would help show people that

just because they don't see something specific on his site, that doesn't mean that he not not interested in going for it. Tim is always open to trying new things with his business!

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