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Top Candidate Consulting

About The Owner

Meet Jordan Nightingale, the owner of Top Candidate Consulting. Jordan became a certified histotechnician right out of high school and she planned on pursuing genetics in college. In college she ended up changing her major based on the recommendation of one of her professors who saw amazing potential in her writing. She graduated from Michigan State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and another in professional writing. Jordan has spent the last 11 years as a communicator for higher education institutions and their affiliates, including the University of Michigan.

History Of The Business

Top Candidate Consulting was established on September 26, 2022, but Jordan has been doing this type of work pro bono for several years. Jordan's journey started with her battle for an editorial internship in the highly competitive publishing industry. Then she landed her first career job and leveraged it into a position with the University of Michigan. She then began to move her way up the career ladder and now holds the title of marketing manager. She taught herself how to navigate the job search, resume building, application process networking, interviewing, and negotiating.

Services Offered

Top Candidate Consulting offers the following helpful services along with a many others that are listed on their site!

  • Resume building, Professional biographies, Personal statements, Review & feedback, Career consulting, Mock interviews much more

About The Business

Jordan's business is based out of Pinckney, MI, but can work with clients all over the world. Jordan has been career consulting and revising job application materials as favors for family, friends, and colleagues for five years . At their repeated insistence, she finally decided to make her own business by offering the same services to the public. Her most popular services that she offers are her Resume and cover letter building. Next up would be her Mock Interviews, which she prepares her own practice questions based on research and her own experience. She then hosts a Zoom session like she would an interview, which concludes with feedback that her clients find exceedingly useful and confidence boosting.

Other Information

Jordan's favorite part about owning her own business is being able to say that she did it. She has always dreamed of being her own boss and loves to be able to say that she did it, and also being able to say that she really loves enjoy doing. Jordan is also an award winning cosplayer Check out her Facebook and Instagram as @nightingtalescosplay.The biggest struggle she has had has been with brand awareness, and just by getting her business heard by many other people around the world. She hopes to build her business into something big so that she can help get her clients the jobs they dream about getting.

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