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Total Wellness

About The Owner

Meet Elisabeth Clyma, the owner of her small business Total Wellness. She is a newlywed to her husband Cody. Together they love spending time snuggling with their puppies. She enjoys learning to nourish and care for her God-given body in the best way that she can, and loves helping others do the same thing alongside of her! She is always down to travel somewhere new and soak in all the views!

History Of The Business

Elisabeth's passion began when she drew a line in the sand in her own journey. She was tired of breaking promises to herself, and not feeling like the best version of herself. Total Wellness began birthing and has truly began nourishing and growing into what she has always dreamed of this summer. She began her small business journey a little over a year and a half ago, and since then she has loved every minute of owning her own business. Her favorite part about owning her own business is knowing that there’s no cap to what she can do. The sky is the limit for her!

About The Business

Elisabeth's small business is based out of Blanchard, OK. She sells skin and health wellness products, as well as providing fitness and nutrition coaching. Her most popular items that she sells is her Gut health supplements and her different skincare packages. Her background in nutrition and gut health have stemmed into a beautiful business through multiple outlets which makes it so unique and special to her!

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