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Touchstone Designs 

About The Owner

Cheryl Carson is the owner of Touchstone Designs. She has been working in IT for many years. She has always enjoyed the process of coding. To her, it is like taking a jigsaw puzzle and putting all the little pieces together to make the whole picture. She has always had a creative side and enjoy art, scrap booking, crafts, anything where that she can express that side of myself. In 2010 she worked with a non-profit to help design their website and she really enjoyed it. While working with the non-profit, she was able to take her logical analytical IT side and combine it with her creative side. Now Cheryl is a WordPress Designer and Developer, provide hosting services, and customer support. In Cheryl's down time she enjoy movies, theater, and she loves art. She enjoys watercolors, sketching, scrapbooking.

History Of The Business

Cheryl began working on the startup of her business in 2022 and became an LLC this year. Previously before owning her business The company that she was working for was downsizing and she was going to be laid off. She started looking for other jobs and realized what she really wanted to do was to use her creativity to make a living and she wanted to create freedom and flexibility for herself, so she started Touchstone Designs.

Services Offered

Touchstone Designs provides the following services :WordPress website design, development, and hosting with custom service plans are also available. Her most popular service that she offers is her standard plan is 5-7 pages of custom website design combined with her monthly hosting/maintenance plan that comes with 2 free months of web hosting.

More Information About The Business

Touchstone Designs  is based out Fort Worth, Texas. Cheryl's business is web based so she has the freedom to connect with her clients from all over the world. Touchstone Designs  has a specially priced package designed for startups. It is set at a low cost to be affordable for a smaller budget but still has the same level of quality as a full sized customized site. And they have an additional option for affordable hosting with maintenance included so the solopreneur or smaller business doesn't have to bother with maintaining their site every month. They do it all for you at a price you can afford. Then when you are ready for a bigger site or more features, they are still there with you to help you grow.

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