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TPP Business Solutions

About The Owner

Meet Alyna Perttu, (The Owner). Alyna grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, between her parent’s various businesses, grandmother’s real estate agency, and her step father’s mining company, where she first started working. She I has her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Business Management, along with her Juris Doctor.She holds an active Enrolled Agent license and she is a member of the Florida Bar. She is an empty nester turned digital nomad! She travels the country in her travel trailer along with her two dogs and three cats. Alyna loves exploring National Parks, lifting heavy at the gym,

and learning about anything and everything!

About the VP of Marketing

Meet Whitney Stewart, the VP of Marketing. Whitney is am a 29-year-old mom of 2. She has worked in a variety of industries that

has given her such a varied skill set! Her entrepreneurial journey started with a bakery, that she opened with her sister-in-law. They were blown away at the support they got from our community. Sadly, COVID definitely killed their dream. She really enjoyed the creative aspect of baking and marketing for the bakery. After the bakery she really was searching for a job that helped people. She just wanted to feel good about her job! She started with a tax resolution firm and met Alyna and the rest is history! Whitney loves anything DIY with her husband by her side, painting, reading, and spending time outside with my family.

History Of The Business

Tax Penalty Pros was born in May 2021.Alyna and Whitney worked for the same company, both them ended up leaving due to the way that they treated their employee's. Alyna knew once she left she wanted to start her own business and was presented with options for which Assistant(s) would come with her she quickly picked Whitney and never looked back!

About The Business

TPP is a Florida based business, however Whitney lives in Idaho Falls, ID. They are

fully women owned and operated, which is super rare to find these days. They

genuinely care about their clients! Business owners know exactly who is working on their service, get updates regularly, and

have their direct contact information. All of this means that they forge extremely tight bonds with their clients. When they outsource multiple aspects of their business to them, They get to know their

businesses from the inside out. This results in such a clear understanding of their business and where they are, they are able to produce dramatic results!

Services Offered

They are a one stop shop for small business owners! They offer help with tax debt, tax return preparation, bookkeeping, marketing, brand development, website design, SEO, and start up services, and an array of digital downloads that teach business owners how to develop their brand, marketing strategy, or open a whole business all on their own! Their most popular service that they offer is their marketing services and their "How to start a thriving profitable business" workbook.

Future Plans For TPP

They have plans for a full line of DIY tax resolution guides. Allowing people to handle their tax debt on their own for a really affordable price in comparison to the average cost of hiring a tax resolution firm – a minimum of $4,000. They also will be launching consulting packages and so much more!

Contact Information

Phone Number: 727-480-1525


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