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Turning Paige Images

About The Owner

Meet Hannah Paige Ruxton, the owner of her small business Turning Paige Images. Hannah grew up in Southern Virginia and moved to Central Florida when she was 10 years old. She met her husband in her homeroom class in 7th grade after he had just moved to Florida from Scotland. They got engaged at the beautiful Lake Louise, and got married in Calgary, Alberta Canada in 2015. She grew up loving photography, and it ran in her family too. Her father was a professional photographer and now he manages the visuals department for a large corporation. Her first ever job was a daycare teacher, followed by retail manager, then she worked with bariatric patients for several years, and she now works with Intended Parents seeking surrogates.

History Of The Business

Turning Paige Images just officially hit their one year anniversary. Hannah started her business after she realized that she was too busy to keep it "just a hobby". She went to school for business administration, and has always loved organizing/managing a business. Her retail management experience really helped her to prepare to manage her own business. Hannah has been shooting for several years. When her and her family moved to Florida, from Colorado that's when her business really took off.

Services Offered

Turning Paige Images offers Photography and videography services of all different types. Hannah's most popular shoots that she offers are her family shoots. This is a great way to get your whole family together to create memories that you can truly hold on to forever. Hannah also offers the following shoots to her customers': Senior portraits, proposal shoots, maternity, weddings and much more. Hannah loves helping her customers' visions come to life, so if they have anything in particular in mind she would love to make it come to reality for them.

Perks and Obstacles With Owning The Business

Hannah's favorite thing about owning her business that she she really gets to meet so many new people. She also loves knowing that she get to provide them with special memories that can treasure forever. The biggest struggle for Hannah with owning her business so far has been telling customers' "No". This has been a struggle because she always wants to be able to put her customers first, but sometimes that is not possible due to her being fully booked already. She hates that she has to sometimes turn away a potential client.

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