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Unapologetic Dragonfly Luxe Travels, LLC

About The Owner

Meet Jessica Gibson, the owner of her small business Unapologetic Dragonfly Luxe Travels, LLC

She was born and raised on the South East side of Chicago. Jessica graduated at the top of her high school class. She and her brother were raised by her single teenage mother. She attended 2.5 years at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Then transferred to Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2006. After graduating Jessica worked different types of jobs around the FM area until moving to Oakland, CA for a year. Then shortly after she moved back to Fargo. She began working at American Crystal Sugar Company in 2016. In Jessica's free time she enjoy's writing, trip planning, and crocheting.

History Of The Business

She took my first solo trip to Norway in August of 2017, and since then she become addicted to traveling. Every year she has taken a trip on her birthday internationally. Unfortunately COVID stopped her for traveling for two years. One the pandemic ended that is when she decided to turn her passion into something she knew she could help other people out with. She also noticed that were sometimes a lack in diversity to the places that she traveled to. It then became her mission to help black women, especially women that were solo traveling to get out and see something beyond their four walls and out of the United States. Jessica has been in business for about 6 months now.

Meaning Of The Name Of The Business

Unapologetic comes from the way that Jessica thinks that life should be led. It was important to her as a Black woman to live her life on my terms and not let society dictate what her life should or shouldn’t look like. Dragonfly because this reminded her of her childhood, growing up in Chicago. Every summer in their courtyard building there would be several block parties. Even in the rain they also had fun, and with this always came the dragonflies. As she got older she began to research dragonflies a bit more. Jessica found out they represent so many different things around the world. She knew she had to incorporate them into her business somehow. They represent hope, peace, and even some believe that dragonflies take souls to the afterlife. Luxe because she believe that everyone deserves luxury, no matter how you define it. Jessica thinks of luxe as just being at ease and peace and being able to breathe and relax.

About The Business

Jessica's business Unapologetic Dragonfly Luxe Travels, LLC is based out of Remote, Fargo, ND. She is lucky enough to be able to work with clients all over the world to make their traveling dreams come true. She can plan vacations for the following events; Bachelorette, honeymoons, family vacations and so much more. She take all of the stressful parts out of vacations and takes care of all the planning for you; so all you have to worry about is enjoying your vacation and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Future Plans For The Business

Even though Jessica's business is a new venture for her, she does have big plans fo r her business. Jessica's overall big goals for her business is just to continue to grow her business by planning more trips for her potential clients and also for herself. She really enjoys meeting new clients and making their traveling dream come a reality. She is hoping to grow her business by being able to network with other woman business owners to help support their businesses while also supporting her own.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (773)993-6226


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