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About The Owner

Meet Victor Lardé, the owner of VictorWeb3.

Victor has a background in IT and customer service, he uses all of his pedagogy to help his customers discover the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, nft, metaverse technologies, and much more, which make up web3, the new era of the internet.

Victor is A web3 expert, he has been working in this field for 3 years and have had the opportunity to write 2 masterclasses and training, to give a large number of courses to individuals and companies, and to accompany projects

History Of The Business

Victor has owned his small business for a year. He first started his journey just as an investor 3 years ago, and one year ago he started to share his knowledge as a coach, then as a consultant of businesses around the world. Victor started his small business for a few reasons but the main one was for the freedom is provided. He wanted to get away from working a normal 9-5 salary job. He didn't enjoy being an employee and wanted to have the creative freedom and flexibility to own his very own business.

About The Business

Victor's small business is based out of Sicily, He can see the Etna from his garden (how cool is that?!). Victor provides Digital e-learning platforms services. He has services as coach/consultant web3. He also has a 6 weeks and 3 months program for his clients. His most popular service that he offer is his 6 weeks intense web3/blockchain/crypto/nft learning program.

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