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Vie the Brand

About The Owners

Meet Eliza and Courtney, the owner of their small business called Vie the Brand. Courtney is a winemaker who turned her passion for wine into art by creating a candle business, called Lost Candle Co (@lostcandleco). She uses empty wine bottles and up-cycles them into candles that are made to represent different varieties of wine. Eliza has created her very own resin business. Where she hand makes beautiful custom charcuterie boards and resin accessories (@resinforthehome). Both Eliza and Courtney Both girls have worked in the service industry for over 20 yeats. Their individual companies are 1-2 years old and Vie the Brand launched early this year.

History Of The Business

Courtney and Eliza, met while working at a restaurant. They instantly became friends and started talking about owning their own business together, and thought that they would be great business partners to start their next adventure with. Together they both noticed how the digital age has gradually eroded the value of genuine human connection. In response, they came up with the ”Est. 2023 Shadow box” as a means to showcase cherished memories in a tangible and visual manner.

About The Business

Vie the Brand is a brand new business venture for Eliza and Courtney, their business is about 5 months old currently. Their business is an online based business, that gives you the freedom from shopping from your home and getting their products shipped directly to your front door, which makes shopping with them incredibly easy and convenient.

Why They Started The Business

Eliza and Courtney started their business for numerous reasons. The number one reason being they really love a good challenge. They knew by creating a new business from the ground up would be quite a challenge, but they knew that they could accomplish that together. They are pretty proud of themselves already with how far they have built their business in such a short amount of time. They are determined to keep growing their business even more.

Products Offered

Right now Vie the Brand currently has one type of product for sale, which is their Est. 2023 shadow box. They have plenty of plans for the future on new and upcoming products, but for now their shadow boxes are available on Amazon for $21.99. These shadow boxes are perfect for storing some of your favorite memories. The possibilities are truly endless with this product This would be such a great piece to hold some of your favorite memories from a wedding, vacation, or special event. This is such a great versatile piece that would be the perfect piece of home decor too!

Perks and Obstacles With Owning Their Business

Eliza and Courtney's favorite thing about owning their business is that they get to have the creative freedom to do what they want and the liberty to experiment with new ideas that they come up with together. The hardest part about owning this business for them has been consistently posting online with their social media and engaging with their customers. That itself is a full time job, but they are determined with time that it will get easier and that their hard work with this business will truly pay off.

Future Plans For The Business

The future of Vie the Brand is to combine both of their individual business and create an entire line of décor pieces all about celebrating all kinds of events. Their overall big dream for their business is to get into bridal stores and start doing local conventions, to reach more future customers and help spread the word about their business.

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