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Whiskey BeNt Bartending Services LLC

About The Owner

Meet Brooklynn Nunley, the owner of Whiskey Bent. She has grown up in the same town since she was born, a small town in Oklahoma. In her spare time you can find her on a horse, roping or barrel racing, watching her partner race his car, riding ATVs, on the river or just about anything that involves being outside. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and family and just being in their presence. She has a full time job as an office manager but she work part time at a local bar to get her people fix in.

History Of The Business

Brooklyn and her mom had the idea of starting her own business after she saw an old horse trailer sitting down by an arena. Her mom said "wouldn't that be the neatest thing, to turn that into a little bar for all our friends when they come over?" and ever since then I started looking into it and how to make it come to life! Brooklyn started WBBS in November of 2021 but she has been bartending for longer. Her mom helped her come up with the name, she is a very creative person and Brooklyn wanted her to be a part of her business. Together they chose Whiskey BeNt with the B and N in bent capitalized because her name is Brooklynn Nunley.

About The Business

WBBS offers mobile bartending for any public/private event such as but not limited to weddings, birthdays, engagement parties, rodeos, auctions, sales, private parties, Christmas parties and much more. They offer bartending only, pop up bars and mobile trailers. They actually have a new trailer coming in 2023. They also do merchandise too! Their most popular service would be their bartending only (just a licensed bartender showing up to serve) at a private event. They provide services for people who are actually on a smaller budget scale. They know how expensive weddings (or other events) can be so their whole goal with WBBS is to provide a service for people who need a good licensed and insured bartender but not at a price that they can not afford.

Their newest mobile bar coming in 2023 comes as a two part package. They currently have a 1975 Cadillac Coupe DeVille (to pull the bar with) that is available for photo opportunities and other rentals now.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 405-428-2883


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