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Work Culture Works

About The Owner

Meet Aleha Ingle, the owner of Work Culture Works. She grew up with a single mom and had one brother. Her mom was in the Army so she was gone a lot so she was a primary parental figure for her brother a lot of the time while their mother was away. At the age of 19, Aleha joined the Air Force and spent the next 21 years learning to be the best version of herself. After she retired, her and her husband relocated to San Antonio where she then started working on her Doctorate and began building her business. Aleha and her husband Darin have 4 lovable pitbulls, and together they have a 19 year old son Diego. Aleha doesn't have too much free time, but when she does she loves to spend her time wisely by enjoying it with her family and making new memories with him!

History Of The Business

After spending 21 years in the military, Aleha had no idea what to do with herself after she retired. She often found herself helping her friends and family address the problems within their work center and one day she realized.....that is what she should be doing. She thought If she can show others how to leverage their own work center culture, they too can improve employee loyalty and performance. Aleha just opened her small business this year, but she is so excited to see how much growth she is able to achieve this year!

Services Offered

Aleha teaches CEOs and management teams how to improve the culture in the work center. By maximizing employee engagement, CEOs will see more loyalty, more productivity, and ultimately, a bigger bottom dollar. Culture is the most important factor in any organization and without giving it the attention it deserves, you are writing your own bankruptcy. Most customers want the deep dive investigation into the work center culture. She conducts interviews, collect surveys, and presents the data to the CEO and/or management team. With this data, she provide them with ideas about how to turn the culture around and maintain a healthy status quo within the employee ranks.

About The Business

Leadership coaches are a dime a dozen. Most of them have something great to offer, but Aleha thinks that they focus on the wrong thing. You can be the greatest leader in the entire organization, but if you aren't focusing on the culture amongst the people you are leading, you are failing them. Aleha's favorite thing about owning her business is being able to watch the positive changes happen. It truly makes her heart smile. The biggest struggle she has had with owning her business is that most CEOs don't realize they have a problem. Everyone thinks they have a great place to work until it smacks them in the face.

Future Plans For Work Culture Works

Aleha has a ton of future plans for her small business including making a podcast, and she really want to be a key note speaker. Her overall big future plans is to write a book. She want's to be able to help as many people as possible with her services and she feels writing a book would be the most beneficial to help get her information out there!

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