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Follador Nutrition Services LLC

About The Owner

Meet Talia Follador, the owner of her small business Follador Nutrition Services LLC. Talia is a Pittsburgh native and graduated from Penn State. She completed her dietetic internship at UMass Amherst. She then moved to the Philadelphia area in 2017 and since then has loved getting to know the city especially the food scene! Talia has been exploring the field of dietetics by working in the areas of retail/supermarkets, intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, behavioral health, eating disorders, kidney dialysis, and now private practice. Talia loves to write about nutrition and health on her personal blog and as a freelance writer. Her hobbies include baking, watching baseball, dancing, trying out new restaurants, and singing along to her favorite show tunes.

History Of The Business

Talia launched her business in June of 2022. Ever since she became a dietitian, she has often thought about opening a virtual practice so that she could widen her reach and make a larger impact. She centers her practice around helping people heal a disordered relationship with food and foster a more joyful approach to eating, as this is something that she also struggled with. She also created a package specifically for runners since she is active in the running community in Philly.

About The Business

Talia offers virtual nutrition coaching. She has expertise in a wide array of issues, including diabetes, kidney disease, behavioral health, cardiovascular health, and sports nutrition, however her bread and butter is intuitive eating. Talia's business is based out of Philadelphia, PA. Her practice is virtual so she can work with people all over the world.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 609-248-0496




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