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Jake’s Nutrition and Fitness Coaching

About The Owner

Meet Jake Mayes, the owner of his small business. Jake has been coaching for over 5 years and truly has a passion for helping others which brought him to his love for coaching. He has a masters degree in exercise science from UT Tyler and his undergrad in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas. Jake is a newly wed and just got married to his wife Ashley this past January.He loves to workout and spend time with his friends and family and his dog Kilo. He also really enjoys spending his time by the water.

History Of The Business

Jake’s Nutrition and Fitness Coaching launched just a little over a year ago. Jake actually started his business by accident, and it really was not a plan for him to open his business. He had a friend of his that wanted her to help with nutrition coaching and so Jake gave her some help. Soon after working together they saw really great results. Then shortly after another friend asked him until eventually he had a full list of clients working with him and seeing great results too.

About The Business

Jake's business is based out of North Texas but he has clients that he works with from all over the world. Jake offers remote fitness and nutrition coaching. He writes exercise and meal plans for his clients. His most popular service that he offers for his clients is his Nutritional coaching and plans, which is also how his business first started too. He teaches people how to eat and exercise so they don’t need a coach in the future. As opposed to other coaches that never help their clients learn and stay dependent on them

Services Offered

Online Nutrition Coaching: Provide custom macro/calorie goals, including biweekly check-ins and updated physique pictures every 2 weeks. Plans Include no commitment, 3 month commitment, and 6 month commitment

Remote Fitness Coaching: Program is between 2-6 days a week consisting of a customized workout plan depending on goals and equipment. All fitness levels are welcome and no equipment is required.

Nutrition Consulting: One time 1 hour in-person, phone call, or zoom call meeting where I will give you a custom macro/calorie goal, and you can ask me anything regarding nutrition and training.

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