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Lords Fitness Consulting

About The Owners

Meet Tim Lord and his silent business partner also his wife Cindy Lord, the owners behind Lords Fitness Consulting. Tim was born and raised in Indiana. He attended and graduated from West Lafayette High school in 1975. He was on the track team and did long jump, and also ran cross country. He went to Ball State University and graduated in 1979 with a BA in physical education and health. Then is 1994 he graduated from Ball State with a MA in fitness and health.

in 2018 he went to University of the Rockies for Sport performance psychology, where he obtained his PsyD. My dissertation involved assessment measures best suited for individuals over 60.

Together him and Cindy have 4 children, and collectively they have 14 grandchildren.

Tim managed a fitness business for 5 years , substitute taught for a few, and then spent 20 years teaching in Columbus Indiana. He taught all grades k to 12. He also coached middle school football, and high school track.

History Of The Business

Tim has been dedicated to fitness for over 45 years and believe if you want to have people follow and listen to you, you must look and act the part. He does both. He feels for a senior man he looks healthy and fit. He really enjoys to read and do research. He is also writing a book for senior fitness. Tim was first a school teacher and coach and people asking him for advice in the gym, so he started helping people for a fee. After a while he decided to get a loan, get a building , bought 30k of gym equipment, and opened his own private training facility in Columbus Indiana. By the time they moved to Florida Tim had trained over 300 people.

They were called Lord’s Personal Training back then. In 2009 they moved to Florida to be near his wife’s family and opened Lords Personal Training of Tampa. In 2013 they went mostly online training and has clients in Pinellas, Nashville TN, Franklin Tn, Indiana, Pittsburg PA.

About The Business

Lords Fitness Consulting is based out of Land O Lakes but Tim can train anyone anywhere in the world. He provides 1/2 or 1 hour live video training in your own home.His programs are designed personally for you., they are not pre-made work out plans. These are plans that Tim create specifically for his clients. He also communicates with you via text to check with you and also counsel with you. He also provide guidance on eating and nutrition . Tim is a competitive senior bodybuilder so he is really knowledgeable on how to lose weight or gain muscle.

Services Offered

Lords Fitness Consulting most popular service is the video online training. You don't have to get up and struggle with getting ready or driving anywhere. You simply just log right on in the comfort of your own home, which is so convenient. Tim offers a free a free 1/2 hour consult, so that he can evaluate his clients and come up with a fitness plan that is best suited for them. He also offers a free first session, and offers special discounts for seniors and students too! Lords Fitness Consulting helps people lose weight and safely. Tim also helps people rehab from injury or illness. He can train an individual sport specific . As performance coach, he can guarantee that he can train an athlete to be stronger, faster, and mentally more confident.

Other Information

Tim loves owning his own business is great because he decides who and when to train. He only answer to himself ( and his wife). He has the flexibility to make his own hours and love the personal touch he can give to everybody. The service that he provides is something that Tim really believes in. The most unique thing that Lords Fitness Consulting offers is that all the sessions are private in your own home. Tim has a lot of future plans for his business and helping it grow even more including: Making videos to put out to the public, offering more consulting, and he would also really like to partner with someone in fitness and share ideas together.

Contact Information

Dr. Tim Lord, PsyD , SPC

Phone Number: 813.422.2865



Josh Mercer
Jan 31, 2023

Dr Lord has provided me with the proper tools needed to help me on my fitness journey. Through Dr Lord’s guidance I have been able to drop weight while still gaining muscle, strength, and endurance. I have dropped over 100 pounds and went from a 4xl to 2xl in shirt. Pant size went from 52 to 42. All of this in less than a year. Can’t wait to see what my next year has in store for me.

Unknown member
Jan 31, 2023
Replying to

It was a pleasure to be able to help you.

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