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New Horizons Physical Therapy

About The Owner

Meet Dr. Daniel Komforti, the owner and founder of New Horizons Physical Therapy. He attended the University of Central Florida for both his bachelors and doctorate degrees. He knew early on in physical therapy school that he was passionate about orthopedic care and working with the geriatric population. He is extremely passionate about fitness and nutrition, and loves being able to educate his clients from personal experience, as he have dealt with his fair share of injuries and even had shoulder surgery back in September 2021. Outside of the realm of health, he also plays bass guitar and loves attending concerts with his friends.

History Of The Business

New Horizons Physical Therapy was born in May 2022. After Daniel was working in a traditional outpatient orthopedic setting for almost two years, he grew more and more frustrated with the limitations inherent to the setting. Between insurance companies not approving the necessary number of visits for patients to reach their full potential, the lack of a proactive approach to care, and having to see multiple patients during the same hour, He knew that he had more to offer as a physical therapist and believe he could show up more authentically as a health care provider if he pursued an entrepreneurial route as well.

About The Business

Dr. Daniel Komforti is a physical therapist by trade, he view sphysical therapy as one of the many tools that he uses to help his clients to recover from injury and build longevity towards a healthier lifestyle. He loves working with clients who are motivated to transform their life, not just fix an ache or pain. His most popular service that he offers is mobile concierge physical therapy, which means he will come to you at the comfort of your own home! He loves Educating his community that mobile physical therapy even exists. The majority of people view physical therapy as something their doctor prescribes and their insurance pays for. Not many know that they can independently seek out care and recover from their injury on a quicker timeline, as opposed to having to go see their primary care doctor first, and then be referred to a specialist, and then get imaging. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also extremely costly.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (646) 753-3106


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